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While we cannot disclose details about the circumstances of any specific member of any of the debt programs, we can tell you that the majority of people who come to our site for help fall into three main categories. Below are examples profiles of visitors coming here for help. Should any of these examples apply to your situation we advise speaking to a debt professional by completing our online consultation request form above. If you are unsure, let one of the counselors determine if you are in need of our debt consolidation help and what type of solution is available to you.

How do I get started?

It's easy.

Simply complete our online application or call the number above. A debt counselor will review your information and calculate a payment plan that fits your budget. You should expect a call from a debt counselor within hours of submitting your application.

Do I have to qualify?

No. Regardless of your credit history, whether you're overextended or have recently been late with payments, you will qualify for our program. Your acceptance is based only on your ability to make your monthly payments.

Can I withdraw from the program later?

Yes. Participation is completely voluntary, and you can withdraw from our program at any time. However, keep in mind that if you decide to handle your debts on your own, all the program benefits offered by the creditors will stop.

Can I keep using my accounts?

You should avoid this. Remember why you came to us for help: your objective is to reduce and eliminate your existing debts, not add to them. As long as you receive benefits from your creditors (lower payments and lower interest rates), they will discourage additional spending. Therefore, most creditors will ask that you stop using your accounts while on our program.

Can I choose my due date?

Yes. This is one of the most convenient features of our program. Your creditors may not be aware of your pay dates, or when your rent or mortgage payments are due. We want you to be comfortable with your payment date, so you can choose a date that doesn't conflict with your other obligations.

Can you help stop creditor harassment?

Yes. Once you're on our payment plan, you can simply refer any calls from your creditors to us. We pledge to help end creditor harassment.

Can I add more accounts?

Yes. Simply contact our customer service department and give them the account information for the additional account(s). Or send your information by e-mail, and a representative will call to confirm the receipt of your information.

What if I can send more money some months?

We encourage you to send additional funds whenever they are available. Even a small reduction in principal now can save you hundreds in finance charges later. If you have a preference as to which creditor(s) should receive the additional funds, simply accompany your payment with a letter instructing us how to disburse the extra funds. Otherwise, we will apply any additional funds where they will do the most good based on account balance and interest rate. Any additional payments should be made through our office to assure you continue to receive program benefits.

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If you’re feeling stressed by your financial situation and are looking for ways to deal with it and get back on track, one of our knowledgeable credit counsellors can help you look into all your options to resolve your situation as quickly as possible. They’ll help you put together a realistic budget and plan that’s in line with your financial goals. Get the peace of mind you need and speak with us today. You’ve got nothing to lose but your debt. Conversations with us are always free, non-judgmental, and completely confidential.

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