Debt Consolidation Quiz

How bad is your credit situation? Answer the questions below to find out instantly.

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Question Yes
Are you near or at your credit limits and unable to pay more than the minimum payment?
Would you say you live "paycheck-to-paycheck"?
Are your debts making your personal life unhappy?
Are you unsure of how long it will take to pay off your debts??
Do you borrow from one creditor to pay another?
Are your interest rates above 8%?
Are you unable to save for your family's future?
Are you receiving calls from your creditors demanding payments because your past due?
Are you frequently charged over-the-limit and late-payment fees?
Have you recently been turned down for a mortgage or auto loan?
Are you considering bankruptcy?

Your Debt-Meter reads:

Did you score 5 or higher?
If so you owe it to yourself to fill out the form above to talk to a financial expert who can offer solutions that will lower your risk. Even if you only scored one on the debt quiz meter, this free consultation may be able to help you avoid future financial troubles that may be coming your way. American Debt Resources has counselors ready and waiting to assist you in any State in the USA.

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