Debt Consolidation Programs

Our debt consolidation programs are designed to alleviate the burden and unnecessary expense of handling debts on your own. We understand that your finances are a big element of your life, and at times can seem very overwhelming and frustrating. We want to ease the burden and allow you to focus your valuable time on other aspects of your life.

Debt Consolidation Program Features

As your payment arrives each month our office will promptly distribute the funds to your respective creditors. Unlike other agencies, our partner offices disburses client funds on a daily basis rather than once a month. This is done to avoid unnecessary late fees that may occur by missing creditor due dates. Each month you will continue to receive your monthly statements from your creditors, which will indicate the arrival of your payment as well as the re-adjusted interest rates. Your financial information will be kept strictly confidential and only your creditors with the proper authorization will be able to access it. The only thing we want you to be concerned with is that you make your monthly debt program payment on time so the office can promptly distribute it to your respective creditors.

Our debt consolidation program has been designed to give consumers an option that’s very similar to a loan. The benefits extended by your creditors to our partner offices carry interest rates that are sometimes zero percent, and usually much lower than what a conventional bank offers on their personal and debt consolidation loans. In addition, there is no application process and you are not penalized for pre-paying your debt down at a quicker rate. We have found that many clients, before entering the debt program, were unable to obtain a debt consolidation loan from a bank because of a high debt to income ratio, a derogatory credit report, or not enough equity in their homes. Our debt consolidation program will assist anyone who has the determination to become debt free.

Once your application is submitted, a counselor will contact you within hours of its receipt. From this point on you will be assigned a personal debt counselor to assist you throughout the enrollment process. Your credit counselor will calculate a monthly payment, explain the new interest rates, and give you an exact repayment term. The counseling office will not continue the process until you are satisfied with your new payment arrangements. The main objective is to eliminate your debts is the shortest amount of time with the least expense and inconvenience to you - the client. more...

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