Debt Consolidation Help

While we cannot disclose details about the circumstances of any specific member of any of the debt programs, we can tell you that the majority of people who come to our site for help fall into three main categories. Below are examples profiles of visitors coming here for help. Should any of these examples apply to your situation we advise speaking to a debt professional by completing our online consultation request form above. If you are unsure, let one of the counselors determine if you are in need of our debt consolidation help and what type of solution is available to you.

Popular Debt Problems

The Minimum Payment Trap.
You're making the minimum payment each month on several credit cards with high interest rates. Although you make all your payments on time, you see distressingly little change in the balance month to month. Perhaps you transferred some of your debt to a credit card with a low introductory rate, intending to pay it off more quickly, but only made minimum payments on that card as well and are now back to paying 18% or more interest. At this rate, it may take you more than thirty years to pay off all your debt. This depresses you and you start looking for a way out.

The Past Due Pitfall
You've fallen behind with your monthly payments. Creditors frequently call you to demand payment. Each month, you continue to be assessed late and over the limit fees. Now your payment, which you had difficulty making in the first place, has snowballed. You may begin seeing derogatory comments on your credit report. Thoughts of bankruptcy may enter your mind.

The Borrowing From Peter Syndrome
You're still current, but just barely, and worry about falling behind in the near future. You occasionally borrow from one creditor to pay another until your credit limits approach. You play a catch up game each month attempting to prioritize debts, but find it too overwhelming. At this point some creditors will be paid every month and some will be ignored. You attempt to pay different creditors each month so you don't get too far behind with any of them. Due to sporadic payments and high balances, you find yourself unable to get a debt consolidation loan or balance transfers. You never know what to expect when each month's bills arrive.

Do any of these situations sound familiar to you?
If so, we invite you to contact a profession debt counselor immediately to learn what type of debt consolidation help is best for you. We have partner offices that can work in every state in the USA so help is just a short form away. Simply fill out the form above for a free consultation and let the professionals show you what can be done to lower your payments and get you out of debt fast.

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